Terms & conditions

All journeys are bespoke, individually assessed and priced based on the information provided by the client. It is essential and the clients responsibility to ensure that we are in possession of all the correct information and make us aware of any alteration or amendments to the agreed itinerary so that we can assess whether we can accommodate the amendments and if there are any additional charges. This is especially important when returning into a UK airport where there may be delays to the flight which we may not be aware of.
Unless otherwise stated, the price quoted only refers to a single (one-way) journey, based on our day rate (04:30hrs - 23:30hrs), excluding bank holiday dates and any additional charges which may occur ie car parking/fees, congestion charges, tolls waiting time, subsistence where appropriate, etc.
As a VAT registered company, we are required by law to add VAT.

Direct Drive Transport Solutions Limited is referred to as the Company and who undertake to hire vehicles and drivers to the person booking and paying for the services. The person or group booking and paying for the services are referred to as the "Client" for the period of hire under the following terms and conditions.

Direct Drive Transport Solutions Limited will respond to either telephone or email requests giving an individual and bespoke quote based on the specific information and details provided by the prospective client. It is therefore very important that clients provide accurate information, clarify and agree all details.

The service provided by the Company is distinctly separate from any other arrangements organised between the Client and other parties.

Where requested, a price and payment method will be negotiated and agreed. Prices quoted are for a driver and vehicle. Unless stated, the price given is for a single (one-way) transfer based on our day rate for a saloon car, excluding bank holidays and any additional charges which may occur i.e. car parking/fees, congestion charging, additional waiting time, subsistence, where appropriate, etc.

We also supply drivers, for clients who wish to travel in their own vehicle. This is an individual and bespoke service offered by the Company. It will require that the driver nominated be added to the clients insurance for the specific vehicle. Proof of insurance cover will be required.

Prices are individually calculated based on the specific requirements detailed by the client. The calculation incorporates the type of vehicle requested, the mileage to be covered, time involved to complete the requested service and if applicable subsistence where the driver is required to wait for an extended period with the client. Clients are responsible for all extra costs involved with the service provided, ie. car parking, tolls, fees, waiting and subsistence, if applicable, etc. These will be added to the final invoice unless settled directly by the client at the time.

Unless otherwise agreed, a non refundable deposit of 30% will be required for all special occasion bookings, with final settlement 14 days prior to the event.

As we are a VAT registered company, VAT is required to be added to the final calculated total.

All bookings will require confirmation in writing, which confirms that all the details are correct and that our Terms and Conditions have been read and are acceptable. The Company accepts no responsibility or liability where incorrect or misleading information has originally been given.

Once a booking has been confirmed the Company will require notification within a reasonable time of any changes to the contracted and agreed details. Any alterations or extra requests will need to be re- negotiated prior to the date of service provided and may incurr extra costs. Please note that while we will endeavour to accommodate any changes or extra requests, this may not always be possible due to other commitments, especially where the request is significant and with little notice.

Drivers will travel by the most appropriate route on that day unless instructed or directed otherwise by the Client.

The Company and its drivers have the right to refuse to carry, or put out of the vehicle, any Client/s who are thought to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and whose behaviour poses a threat , either to the driver, the vehicle or any other passenger. The Client will be responsible for any personal injury, loss or damage occurring as a result of this situation.

The Company maintains a strict non-smoking policy in all it's vehicles.

Food and drink are not to be consumed in vehicles in line with Council policy. Please note that after completing your journey the vehicle may well be off to collect other clients. This restriction is to ensure that no debris from food items or greasy hands soils the interior of the vehicle. Likewise with fluid being spilt, it would not fair on the next client/s entering the vehicle. Clients ignoring the above request may be liable for any resulting cleaning costs or damage, including replacing items to the vehicles interior or clients clothing. The resulting costs may either be for cleaning the relevant items or their replacement. In extreme cases loss of earnings may also be claimed.

We require that children and/or young persons are kept under control by the relevant relatives or nominated guardian for the duration of the journey. Liability for any damage, cleaning or subsequent loss of earnings as a result of the vehicle having to be removed from service, will be the responsibility of the client.

Day rate: between 04:30hrs - 23:30hrs
Night rate: between 23:30hrs - 04:30hrs (price + 35%)
Bank holidays: as denoted in UK diaries (price + 50%)
Christmas day & New Years day: price on application
General waiting time (excluding Airports arrivals): 10 minutes grace from scheduled/agreed time. Waiting time is accrued in 15minute segments or any part thereof.

Airport waiting times. These begin as detailed below:
Domestic flights: 30 minutes after landing
Non-domestic flights: 45 minutes after landing

In the event of a client not attending (a 'No Show'), including changes to the agreed itinerary or serious delays, the full fee plus any other incurred fees may be charged. Cancellation fees detailed below:

over 24hrs notice: no charge
12 - 24hrs notice: 35% of expected charge
4 - 12hrs notice: 70% of expected charge
less than 4hrs notice: 100% of expected charge

Please note that wherever possible we use actual pictures of currently available vehicles in our fleet on this website. However due to circumstances and a changing fleet we sometimes use representative photographs to depict vehicles available.

Wherever possible, where a specific vehicle has been requested, we will try to provide that vehicle, however sometimes due to circumstances beyond our control it may be necessary to substitute a vehicle in order to provide the service. On occasions we use subcontracted drivers/vehicles.

No service charge is included or expected and forms no part of the price/quote given. Any gratuity given to a driver is purely at the discretion of the Client